Travel Diaries : Montreal

Salut mes amis,

Today, I will be sharing with you all my trip to Montreal, and my history with the city.

Let’s take us back a while.

My first plane ride was at the age of 3. My mom and I flew to Montreal for our summer vacation, something that quickly became a yearly tradition. According to my mom, I was very chatty for the entirety of takeoff and landing; and I truly believe that that is when my love for flying started.

Montreal was the first foreign city I had ever been to, and I loved it dearly. The memories I have from that city will always hold a dear place in my heart. I loved that everyone speaks French up there, as that is my first language, so I always felt like I belonged. Until I visited New York for the first time, I always thought there couldn’t be another city that could bring me such joy, and I’ll forever be grateful for those times.

The last time I was up in Canada was Summer ’06 and therefore I was super elated and jumped at the opportunity to go back.

Montreal was in many ways similar and nothing like what I remembered. I actually stayed around the same neighborhood that I used to stay in back in the days, and while pretty much everything I remembered was still there, they were not the same way I had imagined they would be. I guess 13 years of holding on to a memory, it’s bound to evolve and get warped into something else.

So now onto the actual trip itself.

Myself and a few other family members hopped into my brother’s car for the nearly 6 hour ride (it actually felt a lot longer than that, because of the wait time at the border). We did the entire route pretty much straight through, with one stop for gas/bathroom upstate. It honestly didn’t feel like that long. We had left early in the morning around 7, so I ate some breakfast in the car, and napped for about an hour, then enjoyed and filmed some of the scenery around me. I had never driven up to Canada before, and I had never been upstate either, so it was overall a brand new experience, and I wanted to enjoy it; hence why I chose to sleep for the beginning of the trip.

This was the border on the way back. Canada didn’t have such a big sign coming in.

Once we arrived at the border, there were quite a few cars, and the wait time ended up being well over an hour. Customs was pretty smooth once we got there though, and after crossing, and hearing Google’s Voice say “Welcome to Canada”, we had an hour left to get to our first destination. Two of us were staying at a cousin’s house, while the other 3 were going to stay at my aunt’s house.

Our first stop was my cousin’s house and we stayed there for a while, afterwards our Canadian cousin, myself and my other cousin who drove up with us then went to an event L’Oreal was throwing, where they essentially had a lot of their products at discounted rates.

Afterwards, my brother went to see some friends he had up there, and we each went to our designated sleep spots.

The next day we had some visits and then we went off to a day party/ club. The whole thing was pretty cool, because the drinking age in Canada is 18, and as a 20 year old living in America, it felt pretty cool to be able to go up to a bar and order a drink, knowing that if they asked to ID me, it would all be legit.

The day after that we went to a shopping center with yet another Canadian cousin, and later on a few of us went to “PoutineVille” to get some poutine. If you know about Canada, that is a pretty famous and well loved dish up there, and it was my first time having it. I loved it. Granted, it’s not the healthiest option out there, so I’m kind of glad I don’t live up there; although, this is New York and there are plenty of spots down here, I’ve checked.

There were a few other spots during the trip, some of which you may see in the vlog, but afterwards it was back in the car for the drive back to New York.

This was a relatively short trip unfortunately, but I’m glad I took it. It had been so long since I had been in what I pretty much considered a second home from such a young age. I am ecstatic to head back up there in the hopefully near future. Montreal will always hold a very special place in my heart. It was also such fun speaking in french again and seeing french at every turn.

I have a VLOG up on my new Youtube Channel giving you a visual documentation of my trip, if you get a second, please check it out, subscribe and leave some feedback; it would be so greatly appreciated. It is linked above, as well as below.


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