TRAVEL DIARIES : California Dreaming

Hey lovelies,

So I’m back from California and ready to tell you all about it. I spent a total of 6 days in Los Angeles, Hollywood to be specific. My hotel was right by the infamous Hollywood Walk of Fame, therefore I wandered around there often. My first day there was uneventful, I landed at around 11 am, pacific time and completely crashed once I got to the hotel room as I was really tired. I had spent a total of 7 hours on the flight, combined with waking up at 4:30 East Coast time and the 3 hour time difference, I was rightfully exhausted. After my nap, I got up and got some food; there also happened to be a supermarket across the street. Afterwards, since I was still alone because my friend wasn’t getting in until the following day, I walked around Hollywood Blvd. It was then that I noticed the proximity of the walk of fame to my hotel. I saw the Chinese theater, plenty of dressed up characters, and I even stopped by a souvenir shop where I saw the most beautiful car. (See IG: @coeurdecouture)

So I spent the night in on Thursday, and tuned in to TGIT (Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away with Murder). Friday was pretty much the same until later on when my friend arrived. She had had a long drive over so we ordered in and she took a nap.

Saturday is when the festivities began. We took a tour of the city. It took us up the hills to the Hollywood Sign, and it is a sight to see. Simply beautiful. We got there as the sun was finishing it’s cycle across the sky and the view was majestic. We also had the best tour guide, he was funny and sweet and a good photographer.

Afterwards, the tour took us around the hills to some of the celebrities houses, including Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Elton John, Michael Jackson and several others. We then also went over to Beverly Hills, the richest neighborhood in the world, and saw how the other half lived. It was very nice I must say, everything looked shiny and expensive and I loved it.

We also went down to Rodeo Drive, and it looks even better in person. Essentially, it’s a block of pure luxury. I must admit, I was pretty impressed.

That night, my friend and I went to Downtown LA, which is essentially the Manhattan of Los Angeles. Frankly,  it is not as amazing as NYC is, but I loved it nonetheless. We went up to the tallest building in the city with the greatest view of the city. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get up to the rooftop lounge/bar as apparently we must be 21 to enter over there and we are a few months shy.

After an initial underwhelming first impression of Los Angeles, saturday was the first day where I truly looked at LA as someplace I might see myself living in the future. As graduation approaches, I am also presented with important life choices. New York is the media capital of the world, and it has been my home for the past decade and I love it dearly; but Los Angeles is also a place where I could lay a foundation for success in my intended field. My focus is Film/TV which means I would probably be better off in California, but I’m also not ruling  my home city out either. LA was always first on my list of places to go to should I leave NY, and I’m glad to report that it has retained it’s spot.

California was a dream. There are so many beautiful people out there and all those I met seemed to be genuinely kind which isn’t seen as much in NYC. I am already planning to go back there as soon as I can. There is still so much to see and do, and I have yet to make it to San Francisco (as it turned out to be farther than I had thought). For now, LA holds a special place in my heart.

*More Pictures and Videos will be posted on IG : @coeurdecouture*

Have you guys traveled places?

I’m planning a trip for Spring Break, any suggestions?

Let me know!



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