Hello lovelies,

I’m reaching you all today from Los Angeles, California. Also known as the City of Angels. I have wanted to visit California for years now, and I can’t believe I’m finally here. This is my first time traveling without family, and quite frankly, I’ve gotten a bit of anxiety over it.

I’m here for a few days with an old friend whom I haven’t seen in awhile. Thus far, I haven’t done yet due to jet lag, but the plans for the weekend are DisneyLand, and San Francisco, the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the sign. Upon landing, after the longest flight I’ve ever been on, we were welcomed with rain and humidity. It was a bitter sight after leaving a (although cold) sunny NY.

Although I haven’t seen much, I must say I am not super impressed yet. LAX itself was a bit disappointing. JFK is such a beautiful airport, and in comparison LAX seemed very dull. I’ll have more to say about the airport upon leaving as I will have much more time to explore.

I’m feeling much better now after a long day of travel yesterday. My friend arrives later today and until then I’m going off to explore.

Talk Soon!



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