20th Year

Hello my lovelies,

Long time no see, I’ve missed writing on here. Life has been busy, so I haven’t been able to keep up with this nor Words We Heart.  I just turned 20, and it is such a huge milestone for me. I am entering into a new decade in my life, some could even say it is the most important decade because it will play a huge part in determining where the rest of my life is headed. I don’t know why , but 20 is a significant number to me. It will be the start of so much. I’m beyond excited.

Also, I just started a new semester in college, and I’m excited about that. I know I’ll feel differently as the semester progresses, but this summer was not very exciting, therefore, I was somewhat ready for it to end. The prospect of education has always been appealing to me, so I’m looking forward to this year.  In all honesty, I’m looking forward to graduation. Walking across that stage will be the satisfaction for all the stress, tears and hard work I’ve been putting in.

As far as the direction of this blog moving forward. I’m a fashionista at heart, therefore I do plan on showcasing that as much as possible; but I think I’m mainly going to keep this as a lifestyle page. A place where I can talk about any and everything. We’ll chat about new shows (A Million Little Things seems very promising), NYFW, new food places I stumble upon during my NYC strolls, current events, personal dilemmas, college life, life in general…pretty much whatever fits that day.

I also want to interact more with you guys on social media so if you’d like, check me out there β™₯

Twitter : @coeurdecouture

Instagram : @coeurdecouture

Till next time,



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