The Royal Peach Palette by Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics: The Royal Peach Palette


So, a little while ago when Kylie first announced her Bronze Palette, I made a post (whihch you can find here) stating the reasons why I wouldn’t be purchasing it. She then went on to release the Burgundy Palette which I have to admit, I had real interest in, but still did not purchase. She then released her holiday Kyshadow Palette which featured a mirror, so that was an upgrade, but I had no real interest in the shades. Finally, just recently she announced her Royal Peach Palette which was a real turn around. It featured a new look, 12 shades as opposed to the original 9, a mirror and a brush. All for $45 as opposed to the $42 she charged for her former palettes.

I absolutely loved the shades in the palette and watched a lot of reviews before purchasing it. I watched a lot of different looks to see if the pigmentation was there, and to hopefully determine whether or not the quality was there.

From what I saw, the shadows were great to work with, and the quality seemed to be there, so I went ahead and purchased it, because I felt like $45 was a good amount for what I was receiving. Now this isn’t a review, I haven’t used the palette just yet, but I wanted to write this before using it, and hopefully once I do get to using it and creating looks, I won’t be disappointed.

From a first impression, the product seems great. Although there are some things right off the bat that I can tell could’ve been done better, like the packaging, and perhaps the smell which is bothering a lot of people it seems, not me as much though; but we’ll get deeper into that in the review.

Have any of you gotten this yet? Are you planning on it?




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