End of Summer Skin Care Routine

Hey guys,

So summer is ending! I’m excited for the fall, because I can’t wait to pull out my boots and scarves, but I know in a few months when the cold really sets in, I’ll be missing the heat.

Anyways, for most of you summer probably took it’s toll on your skin. I was inspired by the razors team at Dollar Shave Club and their skincare post, so I have a new routine and new products I’ve been using I’d like to share.

So first, I got myself the Proactiv 3 step system. I haven’t been using it as religiously as I should, but I haven’t really seen much of a difference. Granted, I don’t really have acne, I just have dark spots and dark circles, so what I’m really going to start using is the dark spot corrector they also sent in my package.

I’ve also started using toners. I know most of you have probably been using them forever, but I never really payed attention to skin care so much. I started using the SKII toner. It’s been working wonders, I love it!

I also use Shea infused moisturizers for my face.

Other than that there isn’t really much else I do. I use the Clarisonic to cleanse my face, then apply the toner, and then the moisturizer.

Fall is starting soon, so moisturizer is now a must.

What products do you use or would recommend?




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