Style : Motel Rocks

How would I style this beautiful dress you ask?

Well I’d pair it up with some beautiful booties like these:

The dress already has so much going on so I don’t want to take any attention from it, so I’d go simple with the shoes, and these are as simple as it can get, but they’re still so trendy and make any outfit look good.

Or if I wanted to show my freshly painted toes, I could go for something along these line:

black, heels, peep toe, pump, stilleto, sudette, velvet

I’d wear my hair down like she has them, maybe with more waves in it. I’d be very minimal with jewelry. Smokey eye and nude lip, highlight with not much contour. Hoop earrings, and as for a clutch, a simple one to match the shoes and I’m good to go.

Let me know how you’d style this dress!




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