Colourpop Ultra Matte and Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick Swatches | coeurdecouture



From Right to Left :

-Lost (Satin)
-LAX (Matte)
-Rooch (Kaepop, Matte)
-Toolips (Satin)
-Frick n Frack (Satin)
-Beeper (Matte)
-Stingraye (Matte)
-Kae (Kaepop, Matte)
-Limbo (Matte)
-Tansy (Satin)
-Jonesing Lip Liner
-Jonesing Lippie Stick (which are no longer available I believe)

Also if you see a liner swatch on top of a Lipstick swatch then that’s the corresponding lip liner for it.

I’ll have a full review coming soon as well as one for the Kylie Lipkits and Glosses and Comparisons between the two brands. So far though, moral of the review is going to be I love Colourpop and their lip products.

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