ELF Studio Cream Eyeliner | Review


I’m writing another ELF product review, I’ve been using this eyeliner for a little bit now and I’ve been loving it. I never knew eyeliner could be so easy to apply. Prior to using this, I used the Jordana Fabuliner (which is also amazing), but that one is in a pen format, and while it’s easy to use, I find this one easier. This liner is so creamy and smooth, and it has a good lasting power. It doesn’t move throughout the day. The application is easy, both with the applicator provided (pictured above) as well as with any other eyeliner brush. I use this with the ELF studio angled eyeliner brush, and it’s amazing.


It’s only $3 and you get a good amount of product for that price. It has a very nice packaging and it’s easy to dip your brush in without making a mess.


I got it in the black shade, but I believe their are other colors you can choose from.

Swatch of the product

It’s such an amazing drugstore priced eyeliner, if you were on the lookout for on then I would highly recommend this one. I don’t know how fast it dries out, but so far it’s still just as creamy as when I opened it.

Have you tried this product? What were your thoughts?



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