The Royal Peach Palette by Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics: The Royal Peach Palette


So, a little while ago when Kylie first announced her Bronze Palette, I made a post (whihch you can find here) stating the reasons why I wouldn’t be purchasing it. She then went on to release the Burgundy Palette which I have to admit, I had real interest in, but still did not purchase. She then released her holiday Kyshadow Palette which featured a mirror, so that was an upgrade, but I had no real interest in the shades. Finally, just recently she announced her Royal Peach Palette which was a real turn around. It featured a new look, 12 shades as opposed to the original 9, a mirror and a brush. All for $45 as opposed to the $42 she charged for her former palettes.

I absolutely loved the shades in the palette and watched a lot of reviews before purchasing it. I watched a lot of different looks to see if the pigmentation was there, and to hopefully determine whether or not the quality was there.

From what I saw, the shadows were great to work with, and the quality seemed to be there, so I went ahead and purchased it, because I felt like $45 was a good amount for what I was receiving. Now this isn’t a review, I haven’t used the palette just yet, but I wanted to write this before using it, and hopefully once I do get to using it and creating looks, I won’t be disappointed.

From a first impression, the product seems great. Although there are some things right off the bat that I can tell could’ve been done better, like the packaging, and perhaps the smell which is bothering a lot of people it seems, not me as much though; but we’ll get deeper into that in the review.

Have any of you gotten this yet? Are you planning on it?




End of Summer Skin Care Routine

Hey guys,

So summer is ending! I’m excited for the fall, because I can’t wait to pull out my boots and scarves, but I know in a few months when the cold really sets in, I’ll be missing the heat.

Anyways, for most of you summer probably took it’s toll on your skin. I was inspired by the razors team at Dollar Shave Club and their skincare post, so I have a new routine and new products I’ve been using I’d like to share.

So first, I got myself the Proactiv 3 step system. I haven’t been using it as religiously as I should, but I haven’t really seen much of a difference. Granted, I don’t really have acne, I just have dark spots and dark circles, so what I’m really going to start using is the dark spot corrector they also sent in my package.

I’ve also started using toners. I know most of you have probably been using them forever, but I never really payed attention to skin care so much. I started using the SKII toner. It’s been working wonders, I love it!

I also use Shea infused moisturizers for my face.

Other than that there isn’t really much else I do. I use the Clarisonic to cleanse my face, then apply the toner, and then the moisturizer.

Fall is starting soon, so moisturizer is now a must.

What products do you use or would recommend?




Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

So recently there was this sale going on at Ulta and Sephora. The Naked Smokey Palette was on sale for half it’s retail price of $54. I don’t own any of the Naked Palettes. but I always wanted to, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity.

I recently did my first look with it, but I’m just going to use it a little more before I write a full review. I just wanted to write this as a little small (one item) haul. I also got a few other high end products (like some Anastasia Lip products) and I’m waiting until I get more to make a full haul post.

Also, did you guys here the news about the new Naked Ultimate Basics coming out? I’m thinking of getting it too. Either that or the Naked 2 (which I’ve heard is the best of them all). I’ll wait for reviews and tutorials to start rolling out before making my decision.

Naked Smokey

Style : Motel Rocks

How would I style this beautiful dress you ask?

Well I’d pair it up with some beautiful booties like these:

The dress already has so much going on so I don’t want to take any attention from it, so I’d go simple with the shoes, and these are as simple as it can get, but they’re still so trendy and make any outfit look good.

Or if I wanted to show my freshly painted toes, I could go for something along these line:

black, heels, peep toe, pump, stilleto, sudette, velvet

I’d wear my hair down like she has them, maybe with more waves in it. I’d be very minimal with jewelry. Smokey eye and nude lip, highlight with not much contour. Hoop earrings, and as for a clutch, a simple one to match the shoes and I’m good to go.

Let me know how you’d style this dress!



Why I won’t be buying KyShadow by Kylie Cosmetics



So, unless you’ve been living under a rock the past 9 months, you know that Kylie Jenner launched a makeup brand. She started off with lip kits and slowly moved into other lip products, and now she has moved into eye products. She just yesterday announced her birthday collection, which I’m not going to lie, a lot of them look very appealing; but before that, she launched her KyShadow Pallette. The pallette consists of 9 eyeshadows, and retails for $42. Now, a lot of people that aren’t getting the pallette are saying it’s because the shades are so common, but that’s not really an issue with me. It’s a bronze pallette, of course the shades would be similar to other bronze shades. The issue for me is that they don’t look to be great quality. I have a bunch of her lipkits and it took me awhile to get unbiased and see that they’re not really great quality. The first I ordered is True Brown K back in March, and that one is amazing. The formula is creamy but not too thick, now her lipkit formulas are so incredibly thin and drying. I also have Kourt K, which is such a beautiful shade but it’s so patchy. I’ll be doing a review on all of the lip kit, glosses and metals I have soon, so I’ll save the rest of this for that. Now back to the pallette, I think it’s way overpriced, especially since we’re only getting the shadows,no mirrow or brush; and also considering the fact that they’re not even great quality. I haven’t used them, but I can tell that while they’re not horrible, I could find something better with those $42 she’s asking, plus her outraging shipping fees.

I have nothing against Kylie, I mean I have so many of her products, and I think her lip glosses  and liners are probably one of the best out there, but she should revisit her lip kit formula. I’ll wait until reviews of the pallette start to roll in, so I can have a better look at the quality and see other people’s thoughts.

I definitely want to get the new lip kit Leo she’s releasing because the color is amazing, but I don’t want a crappy formula. I also think her creme shadows look amazing and great quality as well as the lip gloss.

Either way, I doubt I’ll get this pallette, I don’t believe it to be worth what she’s asking for it. Tell me your thoughts on it! Did you order it? Are you planning on it?


Kylie Cosmetics | Kylie Lipkit & Lip gloss Swatches

Hey guys,

Today I’ll just be showing Swatches for the Kylie Lip Kits and Lip Glosses that I own. I’ve been trying to wear all of these  continuously so that I can bring an accurate review to you guys. So far I love True Brown and I’ve been wearing Dolce K and the Like gloss  for the past couple of days and I love that combo. I haven’t worn the glosses by themselves yet so I have to get on that as well. I wore Kourt K once when I went to this party and it stayed on fine but I do have my issues with it. 22 I haven’t worn out just yet so I need to do that.

Like and Literally
Like and Literally
Like and Literally
Like and Literally

Kylie Lip Kit

Kourt K, Mary Jo k

Colourpop Ultra Matte and Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick Swatches | coeurdecouture



From Right to Left :

-Lost (Satin)
-LAX (Matte)
-Rooch (Kaepop, Matte)
-Toolips (Satin)
-Frick n Frack (Satin)
-Beeper (Matte)
-Stingraye (Matte)
-Kae (Kaepop, Matte)
-Limbo (Matte)
-Tansy (Satin)
-Jonesing Lip Liner
-Jonesing Lippie Stick (which are no longer available I believe)

Also if you see a liner swatch on top of a Lipstick swatch then that’s the corresponding lip liner for it.

I’ll have a full review coming soon as well as one for the Kylie Lipkits and Glosses and Comparisons between the two brands. So far though, moral of the review is going to be I love Colourpop and their lip products.